Top-down Innovation, Patient Demand and Access to Alternative Care, Featuring Melissa Davis

Top-down Innovation, Keeping Up with Patient Demand and Creating More Efficient and Effective Health Systems, Featuring Dr. Melissa Davis Melissa Davis, MD, MBA Section Chief of Emergency Radiology Yale University School of Medicine Brief Biography: Assistant Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Section Chief of Radiology at Yale University School of Medicine Program Director, Leadership in Healthcare Fellowship, Emergency Radiology Co-Clinical Lead, Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Emergency Radiology Education & Training:

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Yan Liu | Chairwoman and CEO of Wuxi AnyHealth Technology

Creating a Healthcare Technology Company: A Path to Success Story, featuring Yan Liu Johnson Yan Liu-Johnson Chairwoman and CEO Wuxi AnyHealth Technology Co., Ltd Brief Biography: Biostatistician Yale New Haven Hospital, Department of Psychiatry National Medical Care Strategy Healthcare Consultant Accenture, AT Kearney, McKinsey, CEO & Founder AnyHealth Company Limited, China Health Link, MBA, Yale University School of Management MS, Applied Statistics, Southern Connecticut State Univ. Married, mother of two

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Y Combinator is launching a startup program in China

U.S. based accelerator Y Combinator (YC) has hired Shanghai-born Qi Lu, former Microsoft and Baidu executive, as CEO, to develop a branch of YC to run on Chinese soil. Sam Altman, President of YC, highlights the importance of a “founder community” and states that between the US and China offices there will be visitors, shared mentors and other interaction, despite the two branches running independently of one another. YC ran a “Startup School” event in Beijing earlier this year to both recruit prospects for their American program and establish connections in the city and has determined that YC will be based in Beijing.

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