MindNest Health is a digital parent training system that enables parents to use the same clinically validated behavior interventions with their kids that are used by experts at academic centers. The platform was designed by child psychologists and child psychiatrists including thought leaders from the Yale Child Study Center. MindNest offers programs for ADHD, Autism, and Tantrums and is currently developing training modules for Anxiety and Substance Abuse. MindNest was founded in 2016 by Dr. David Grodberg who is also the Medical Director of the Yale Child Study Center.

MyMee is a digital platform that utilizes data driven coaching and allows patients to take charge of their health by tracking symptoms as well as food and medication intake to better understand how their bodies works and to more effectively eliminate triggers of their symptoms. MyMee is a perfect solution for forward-thinking physicians to address the social determinants of health that impact their patient’s diagnosis and prognosis. The platform allows patients to track factors to help establish a clearer picture of their health – whether chronic or episodic – to pave a path towards improving quality of life. MyMee has conducted clinical testing that show patients have reduced or eliminated the number of prescribed medications, just one way the platform improves quality of life.

TOTAL MAMA is a trustworthy source of health information, personalized for women and their pregnancy. The AI based technology solution offers women a source of health information and guidance that match with their individual health and demographic data with national clinical guidelines and other evidence-based sources. The platform also enables women to access the world's most reliable and useful maternal and reproductive health information and resources from third-party content providers.