HealthVenture Labs

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HealthVenture Labs is an intensive foundry based incubator which designs, develops, builds and launches a minimally viable digital health solution to beta customers. As a co-creation laboratory, we provide early and seed-stage start-ups with an intensive 12-month incubation program.Our program is conducted in three focused 120-day sprints as we work directly with start-ups. Portfolio companies are provided with project management, product design and development, business development, financial support through fundraising and investment to fast track company growth.

Labs Process

Due Diligence

30-45 days

  • Analyze financials,value propositions business viability and marketing strategy
  • Identify team qualifications and potential gaps
  • Determine viability of engagement


120 days

  • Project planning with UI/UX designers
  • Launch Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to beta-customer
  • Refine financial and operational models
  • Determine action steps for marketing, raising capital, developing customers

Test & Learn

120 days

  • Collect data from users
  • Iterate product where necessary
  • Re-evaluate plan, decide next steps
  • Refine and Implement marketing and fund-raising strategies
  • Assess gaps and address


120 days

  • Fundraising for seed round
  • Exit