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Y-Start Summer Bootcamp

Y-Start Bootcamp is an annual intensive 2-day program consisting of a series of focused workshops and immersive educational sessions that equip founders with practical tools to grow their start-ups. This event provides founders a truncated version of HealthVenture Lab's core business services and training in product management, design thinking, content development, team building exercises and foundational business structures. We bring together various seasoned business, technology and healthcare leaders to work with an exciting set of innovators using technology to transform the healthcare experience.

Challenge Health | Pitch Competition

Challenge Health is a global pitch competition designed to showcase a select group of 8-10 start-ups. Competitions are held three times a year; two in the United States and the other in a strategically selected country. Each team has 7-minutes to pitch, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. Presentations are evaluated by a panel of international judges, comprised of investors, corporate executives, subject matter experts and/or veteran entrepreneurs. Challenge Health creates a forum for learning, networking, and developing business relationships. It’s an opportunity for competitors to interact with decision makers at investment firms and healthcare organizations, and audition to join Health Venture’s portfolio.