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Shifting Your Perspective to Add Value and Improve Diversity

on September 14, 2020


Shifting Your Perspective to Add Value and Improve Diversity Rashida Bobb Founder & CEO Bricks Health, Inc. Brief Background Advisor, SXSW Advisor, Advisor, Springboard Enterprises Advisor, CTIP Various investment and business growth strategy roles, at Bayer Peppermint VC Pfizer Express ScriptsMaster of Public Health, Yale University School of Public Health Rashida Bobb is an advocate, strategist, investor, advisor, entrepreneur and founder of Bricks Health. In her career, she’s had the opportunity to work with a wide range of healthcare clients on various transactions and business strategy engagements.

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Focus on Experts

We want validity, not estimations.

We favor companies that are founded by healthcare industry veterans in regard to their professional career – focusing on physicians, researchers, health administrators, etc. with 10+ years of experience. We then support these subject matter experts with the key tools needed to build digital products, develop solid business models, and fundraising for their idea. We want to you to use your knowledge to develop products that have market applications.

Invest Early

We prefer “venture” to “capital”.

We are entrepreneurs, not just financiers. We prefer to invest in early-stage companies because we believe that we can cultivate an elite class of digital health tools for the globe. Being a VC requires deep understanding of the company’s market and product, and rounded support for these founders will accelerate the creation of impactful digital solutions.

Stay Active

We’re on the same team.

We roll our sleeves up and work with founders and startup teams to build the companies together. Our involvement goes beyond banal board meetings or monthly update calls. With a deep network, expertise, and access to capital, entrepreneurs will thrive. We are continuously improving our approach, learning about your idea, and spending time with the founders to create a cohesive vision.